The Shutter Doctor is here...

• Is your paint bubbling or peeling?
• Do you notice cracking in the joints?
• Are your shutters badly discoloring?
• Is your paint chipping away at the edges?
• Have your louvres lost their tension?
• Are they dropping?

As a result of compromises in the manufacturing processes of many of today's wood shutter companies, you may have already experienced problems with your shutters.


Why You Should Choose Us...

              ...BECAUSE WE KNOW SHUTTERS !

With 30 years of experience, M3 Design has an exhaustively thorough understanding of the materials, assembly and finishing processes used in the fabrication of all natural wood shutters.

We repair, reseal, refinish and reinstall any wood shutter, regardless of who manufactured it. You can bring your injured shutters to our plant, or we will make a house call and pick them up for you!

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M3 Design is the Manufacturer

Industry Leading Quality

We hand-select the highest quality wood, engineer all of our components & louvres, and ensure long-lasting durability using a tight tongue and groove assembly.

Preparation and Smoothing

We puddy and hand-sand our products 3 times, eliminating up to 98% of imperfections.

Finishing Process
Finishing Process

Includes 3 coats of primer before applying a generous top coat of paint or lacquer with UV protectants.